Episode 39

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13th Mar 2024

Pharmacist Steve Irsfeld talk about LDN in his practice and how they help patients with their follow-up program

Steve Irsfeld is the owner of Irsfeld Pharmacy PC in Dickinson. Steve graduated from NDSU College of Pharmacy in 1988. After working in Fargo as an intern and staff pharmacist he returned to Dickinson to work alongside his dad and has been there for the last 28 years. Pharmacy is a family affair for Steve; NDSU School of Pharmacy has graduated his father, Jim, his daughter, Molly , and 3 uncles (one misguided cousin graduated from some other school)

Irsfeld Pharmacy has been a Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) member since 1998 and has incorporated nutrition into the practice in 2005. at a time when we began receiving more questions on how supplements interact with prescription medications. The pharmacy is a hybrid pharmacy with a focus on compounded medication including hormone replacement, pain management, and low dose naltrexone.

The pharmacy goal is to help as may patients as possible. By having tools such as compounding and nutrition as well as having relationships with alternative medicine practitioners, they are able to help our patients seek wellness with non-traditional methods. “It has been a joy to hear patients come in and tell us that we have greatly improved their quality of life. That is the big reason I come to work each and every day”, Steve said.

Steve was appointed to the ND Board of Pharmacy in April of 2014 and is a current member. He has been an active member of District 5, a local pharmacy organization, having held several offices and serving as the District 5 representative on the ND Pharmacists Association Board. He also served as the chair of the Associations Government Affairs Committee. He was a member of the Heartland Hospice IDG team for the last 24 years. He is a member of North Dakota Pharmacists Association, International Association of Compounding Pharmacists and National Community Pharmacists Association. Steve was the recipient of the Marion-Merrill Dow Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award for 1993 and the Dupont Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award in 2001.

Steve is co-owner of Healthy Profits LLC, a business that helps pharmacies grow their supplement sales.

Steve routinely speaks publicly and to professionals about the merits of compounding and nutrition. He has writen a weekly article on a health-related topic in his local newspaper since 2016 which is also published in several small papers in the surrounding communities. His most recent endeavor is the Irsfeld Pharmacy Optimal You Podcast where he visits with area providers and health influencers.

Steve enjoys spending time with his 3 daughters, their families, including his 2 granddaughters, and his wife of 35 years, Carolyn. He enjoys traveling, gardening, working out, mountain biking, cooking, and learning new ways to better help his patients.

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